"Bonesitos" cake with chocolate truffles

"Bonesitos" cake with chocolate truffles

Those of you who know me and follow me long ago know that most of my recipes are simple, easy to prepare and, for Of course, I always look for everyone to like them. That being the case, I could not stop preparing this cake that I had lately seen in many blogs (you too, right?)
You will not find another cake that is easier to make, it only has two ingredients! You do not need an oven, you do not have to weigh or measure anything, you do not have to mix or mix ... Surely your kids would love to help you do it.

That's right, you have to love the hazelnut cream, because it has a lot of it. The successive layers of wafers and nocilla or nutella, makes that its taste is very similar to the typical cookies "Huesitos", hence its name.
It is a strong cake, so with a small portion there is more than enough to be satisfied, unless you are very, very sweet. To give my personal touch, I added some chocolate truffles ... I thought I had little chocolate lol.

I made it to celebrate my father's 86th birthday. Congratulations dad!

By the way, we accompanied each serving with a scoop of ice cream and it was a success.

"Bonesitos" cake with chocolate truffles


To make the cake "bones"

  • 1 pack of 24 wafers
  • 750 gr of cream hazelnuts (Nutella, Nutella ...)
To make chocolate truffles:

  • 190 gr of condensed milk
  • 25 gr of butter
  • 30 g of cocoa powder

"Bonesitos" cake with chocolate truffles


Heat the hazelnut cream a minute in the microwave, so it is lighter and can spread better.
If throughout the process we need to heat it again I will We are at intervals of 30 seconds.

We put the first wafer on a flat plate and with the help of a silicone spatula we extend a thin layer of the cream, so that all the wafer is covered. It is important that we do not press on the wafer so that it does not break and that the layer we spread is even and thin.
On it we put another wafer and repeat the operation until covering with the hazelnut cream the 24 wafers so that the last layer is cream and a little more generous than the previous ones.

We have to make sure that all the layers are well aligned so that the cake has a good shape.

We also cover the sides with a layer of hazelnut cream.

We take the refrigerator for at least 2 hours so that the chocolate cools (I did it from one day to the next)

To make chocolate truffles:

Mix all the ingredients and bring them to medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture falls off. the walls of the saucepan. Let warm a little and put the mixture in a pastry bag with round nozzle.